Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anticipation and the Aerospace Industry

All right, there is a lot of news on the puppy front tonight! First, we got an updated picture of Doppelbock:
Yes, he has his little tongue hanging out! :) I swear, these next 15 days are going to go so slow knowing that I have this cute little guy waiting for me!

We decided to go to PetSmart today and we got quite the indoctrination into the dog world, and boy, is it expensive! The breeder told us what kind of food she has been feeding them, so we decided that would be the best for us to feed him as well. It is called "Wellness: Just for Puppy", and I have heard nothing but good things about it. However, all these "good things" didn't bother to mention that it costs $53 per bag! Granted, it is a 30 lbs bag and a 5 lbs dog, but still! When I think back to all of that stuff that went down a few years ago with the Chinese dog food and all the deaths, $53 for a little piece of mind doesn't seem to be that expensive at all.

We also picked up a bed and a little sweater. Again, I don't think dogs know how good they have it sometimes. When I felt how soft and comfy this bed felt, I seriously took a look to see if they had something my size.

I am also pretty excited that Doppelbock is a small dog because it gives me the chance to buy him clothes and not have to hear about it from the fiance all of the time. My cat, God rest his soul, LOVED wearing the cute little clothes I got him but my fiance would always give me hell for it. Now, we have a tiny little dog who will get cold and who will need sweaters. Yay!

So where does the aerospace industry come into all of this? Well, we got Doppelbock a tag at the pet store as well today. I figured it would be the typical engraving machine, but this machine was awesome! It wasn't the traditional engraving machine. This one used lasers. LASERS! I couldn't believe how it worked! The light just travelled over the tag and the letters appeared... When I read the instructions, they said the tag and its clear cover was an invention of the aerospace industry. What an age we live in!

I totally want to get another one just to see the machine work again! We had to get a really tiny tag because Doppelbock is so small. Maybe one day we could get a little brother or sister for him so that he won't be lonely and we can make another tag!

That is all for now. There isn't much left to do other than puppy proof the house, pick up some food, get a kennel and make the house nice and welcoming for the new member of our family!