Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bark Bark Sleep Bark Sleep Bark

Ah, they joys of owning a Doxie! Their personalities are so sweet! People constantly think you have a puppy, even though they are getting to not be puppies anymore. They can be adorable little lap dogs; your constant companions! And you can hear them coming from a mile away. Actually, make that two miles away. In a dead sleep. With earplugs in...

Yes, it is true. Both Doppelbock and Mackenzie have discovered that inside their throats, between their teeth and their stomach is something called a voice box! If you push air through this it makes a really loud noise and because of this loud noise, people listen to you! Other dogs will also take notice of you and realize that despite your small size, you mean business!

"It's either barking or wishing you into the cornfield and frankly we are bored with the cornfield..."

We have been trying different methods to stop their barking. My fiance has taken the nice approach. He calmly tells them to stop barking, he will try and make them sit or he will give them treats to stop barking. My method is "barking" even more sharply than they do. I will tell them to stop, give the the look and I will stand there until they stop. I won't react to their barking and if they continue, I continue to ignore them. Let's just say, they listen to me a little more than they do my fiance.

"Daddy, will you wrap yourself around our little fingers?"

So, it is something we will have to work on! The thing we won't have to work on is their sleeping. They sleep all the time! It is the cutest little thing ever! They will fall asleep wherever they are at that moment, and when they are out it is hard to wake them!

"Mama, get a bigger lap!"

In fact it is very hard to keep them away for more than a couple of hours, so it is nice when I am working on homework. However, they NEED to be in close contact with either myself or my fiance at all times!

"Mama, what is personal space?"

Doppelbock is the best at sleeping! He sleeps so soundly, that we can have a little fun with him. On the rare occasions that he actually does not fall asleep on us, we can do some pretty fun stuff with him.

Singing Doppelbock!

An added bonus is that my fiance also likes to sleep, and the puppies like to sleep. This means that I also get great photo ops of all of them!

These are the moments I love the most!

Well, spring is now upon us and we will be moving this grand adventure outdoors! We will soon start Mackenzie on her training regiment for the Wiener Dog races and Doppelbock... let's just say he will be there for encouragement. He is the slowest dog I have ever seen... Until then, enjoy another picture!

"Party on, Dop!"