Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Life of the Party

Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we took Doppelbock and Mackenzie to the vet to get fixed.

Bob Barker is so proud!

Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends. Kenzie made it through the surgery just fine, however her scar is very jagged. It looks like the vet we chose (I went back to the old one) basically was a doggy chop shop. They took very little care in the incision point and how they conducted themselves when inside. I feel so bad for her, and honestly it makes me so sad to know that my poor little Kenzie was chopped up.

"I'm too little for this..."

Doppelbock is having a rougher go of it. We brought him home from the vet and he literally slept for five straight hours on my lap. When he woke up, I noticed a little blood from where he had been sleeping on me. When I looked at Doppelbock I noticed they my wiener's wiener was bleeding! He was bleeding out of the tip of his... yeah. Miles away from the incision, mind you!

"Why is daddy crying in the corner?"

We had to rush Dop to the emergency vet because out vet closed 5 minutes prior to our discovery! My fiance wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him out the door. Doppelbock maintained his composure the entire time, not even crying once. He was scared at the ER, but the doctor was quick to get him in and take a look at what was going on. The verdict? An infection was causing the bleeding. Thankfully, it was located at the tip and nowhere near his incisions. Doppelbock was given the ok to go home, and he needed to be on a strict regiment of antibiotics.

Behold the Cone of Shame!

Now usually the cone is a real hassle for dogs, but Dop seemed to not even know he had a cone on. He went about his business and didn't try to get the cone off at all! The cone made things harder for him when he tried to play with his toys, but he could still manage it. The only thing he couldn't do was crawl under the couch, so Mackenzie took the opportunity to place all the toys under there.

It took him 15 minutes to get the rope to his mouth. Kenzie stole it 5 seconds after this photo was taken.

Dop never suffered any ill effects from the infection, which was a good thing. Him and Kenzie played the same as they always did and he was eating like a horse. The only bad thing was him and Kenzie had to still be separated when they slept. Not only is it cold in the house, but they just love sleeping next to each other! It has definitely been rough, but they have managed to make it work.

"I love you, brother!"

Not having her heater next to her has also forced Kenzie to find alternate methods of staying warm.
Yep, she crawls in your shirt.

So, all was going well. Dop seemed to be healing and we were looking forward to taking the cone of shame off sooner than we thought we would be able to. The one thing that the ER doc didn't take into consideration is that Doppelbock is incredibly long...

"Long Cat ain't got nothing on me, baby!"

Because he is so long, it only took him two days to realize that the cone really wouldn't stop him if he tried. We woke up this morning and he was sitting in his cage looking very sheepish. When we picked him up, he had licked himself raw and was bleeding again... Sigh... At least the vet was open this time so we didn't have to rush him to the ER. The vet looked at him again and said that he was still ok, but he needed to address the cone situation.

"Behold! The Mega Cone of Shame!"

So, this is where we stand right now with Dop. I will keep you updated on the situation. Hopefully he will cooperate this time so he heals and goes back to being normal!