Monday, October 31, 2011


Good news! We are now the proud parents of "Ty", who we will promptly rename "Doppelbock" once we get him home. Take a look at this little guy:

We get to pick him up on the 18th of November and I am so excited! I get the honor of picking him up since my fiance will be at work, so I have to try and remain calm the entire 4.5 hour drive to get him. I may have to rely on cruise control in order to stop myself from covering the distance with a time worthy of a land-speed record.

I am beginning to write out a list of everything we have to do between now and then, and the list keeps growing! So far the big ones are getting the right puppy food, getting a bed and puppy-proofing the house. Relatives have donated a kennel for us which is a big help, and the breeder is giving us a nice package of puppy goods to supplement the rest of the needs. Puppy proofing the house is going to be fun because it isn't even human proofed yet. My fiance is an avid baseball card collector, and his baseball cards are beginning to colonize the living room. They are a few steps away from forming a government and seceding from the household, so we really need to get those under control and up out of reach. Then there is my stuffed animal addiction... It is a minor addiction that takes up quite a bit of space in the bedroom. These tasty puppy morsels are just lying there begging to be chewed up, so I need to find a place to put them as well. 

I can't help but picture how fun those first few days are going to be. I finally get to be the person at the highway rest stop playing with their dog after being cooped up in the car for a couple of hours. (Although, most likely he will sleep a good portion of the way home.) We get to go to PetSmart and walk the him around. Finally, people will be petting and talking about my dog instead of me and my fiance talking about theirs. I have been mentally taking note of all the cute sweaters I can get for him when we walk him in the winter, and also researching the best ways to train him.

And then there is the Doxie races at German Fest! After all these years of attending as a spectator, we will finally be able to participate! I know in all likelihood Doppelbock will be all excited at the starting line, the flag will drop and he will take two steps and roll around in the grass some but we won't care. We will finally have our little man!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let the Madness Begin!

Hello, my name is Jo and I am addicted to dachshunds. I love everything about the little guys, from their stubby little legs to their dignified, regal faces. My fiance and I have been talking about getting a doxie for quite a long time, however we were unable to get one. Now that we are living in a house and our anti-dog cat has passed on (God rest his little crotchety soul) we find ourselves in the position to finally adopt the dog of our dreams!

To say initiating this process has been difficult is an understatement! We found a great breeder with a wonderful track record and beautiful miniature doxies. There is just one problem, she won't get back to us! We fell in love with a little man on her site by the name of "Ty." Ty is a long haired, red doxie who looks like he is going to be a devilish little critter. I swear, he has this devious glint in his eyes that makes all the stuffed animals in our house begin to write their wills! We contacted the breeder and she has been slow to respond to us. In this age of instant technological gratification, I want to get confirmation now! I just need the email that says "congrats, you have adopted Ty, pay with paypal and come pick him up in two weeks." Hopefully by tomorrow the email will be waiting in my inbox.

Until then, I am in doxie parent limbo. Thankfully my fiance has been more calm about this than I have been and he has convinced me that nothing will stop us from getting our little Ty. To keep my mind off of the uncertainty, I began to research everything about doxies and puppies. I found a lot of forums about doxies and the nuances of owning doxies. This has inspired me to chronicle my doxie adventures from day one... Well negative day one until we find that email in the inbox.

Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for coming along with me on my in-doxie-nation into the elite club of dachshund owners!