Thursday, December 22, 2011

Utter Chaos and British Doxies?

Let me tell you, Doxie pups are so cute when you first bring them home! They are so shy, and they cautiously explore the house up to a point. They have this invisible little line that they refuse to cross, which makes life really easy. Easy, that is, until they realize that the little line is all in their heads and that good things to chew are located over the line. Oh, and this shyness thing? Yeah... this is OUR house now!

 "As soon as as I wake up!"

We started off keeping them in a pen when we were in the room with them, and a kennel when we would have to leave the house. The pen was nice, but since it was made for our guinea pigs Cow and Pie it didn't contain the puppies for long. My fiance was a little reluctant to let them run around the house because of all the trouble they could cause. Having had dogs before I tried to get him to understand that without letting the dogs run around you will not be able to correct the bad behavior. I won out and the puppies promptly got into as much trouble as they could. It was a common sight to see Mackenzie and/or Doppelbock running around with pieces of mail, guinea pig hay, clothing or board game boxes clenched tightly in their jaws. They even took advantage of my 20 minute catnap to steal the instruction sheet for a homework assignment and shred it to bits. This time it was my tail between my legs as I had to go to my professor and explain why I needed another sheet. Thankfully she likes puppies.

  "Who, us?"

Since we couldn't let them out yet, we set up a potty spot in the back hallway for them. This worked great when we were watching them, however mysterious little spots began to show up on the carpet whenever we would turn away for a second... They know what "go potty" means, and they will do it, but the accidents still happen. We are debating what our next step it, whether to let them keep using the back hallway until it gets warmer or start outside training right now. They have been going on walks for a few days already, so they might take the the outside training just as well. The puppies are also apparently British. When I am trying to tell them to stop doing something, "no" and "stop" does not work. I have lived in England before, and am a fan of the Premiership (soccer), so naturally the next word I would use is "oy"! They stop dead in their tracks without any further misbehavior, so apparently they were British in a past life!

"It's walk time!"

Their first trip to the vet went really well. It was actually my first trip to this vet, so both myself and the doxies were a little nervous. I had been going to the same vet for most of my life with all manner of animals; guinea pigs, gerbils, iguanas, cats, chinchillas, bunnies, dogs and cats. However, they had been slipping lately and getting very sloppy. A few years ago, they mixed the charts up of my dog Macho and my cat Uihlein. (You know, because dogs and cats are so hard to tell apart.) Uihlein went in for bladder surgery and he didn't make it. They pumped him full of anesthesia which his chart said he was allergic to. Then this time around, they could never find Boomer's (God rest his crotchety little soul) chart. So we felt it was time for a change. I really liked the new place. The vet seemed to really enjoy the puppies company as he examined them. The one funny part of the exam was when the vet needed to make sure Doppelbock's fellas had come in alright. Doppelbock gave a little squeak and his eyes went wide when the vet confirmed that they indeed had.

 "We are never going there again!"

Now is a good time to tell you about their emerging personalities. Just by looking at their pictures online, I had determined that Doppelbock was the stoic, bright, thinking type who was confident and loving and that Mackenzie was the shy, sad, scared introvert type that would need a lot of love and attention to come out of her shell. Well, I was wrong. Mackenzie is an energetic extrovert who can be considered a cross between Lady Macbeth and the Artful Dodger. She can make herself look utterly pitiful when she wants food, and she is smart about food as well. When a treat is given to her and Doppelbock, she takes Doppelbock's treat, hides it in their bed and then gets hers and takes it to her bed as well. She is incredibly smart; she is opening doors, locks and food bags. She fears nothing, not even death, and is very vocal about anything that gets in her way.

"Who, me?"

And then there is Doppelbock. Yeah, Doppelbock is special...


Doppelbock is very shy, and he clings to me and my fiance whenever a new situation arises. While Mackenzie has learned how to go up the stairs to the second floor, and she can go down stairs to an extent, Doppelbock sits and howls on the steps until we come get him. He howls and whines so loud (even if he is on the second step from the ground) that my fiance and I can't help but laugh. He will let Mackenzie push him around to the point that she will steal the food out of his mouth and he will look sadly at the ground hoping to find a crumb. Even though he isn't very bright, he always climbs on my lap to take a nap and he knows when I need puppy kisses to cheer me up!

 "And I help with homework!"

Well, puppy school starts next week and we are very excited about that. I was very happy that my fiance decided to enroll them. We have them going on separate nights so they can meet new friends and focus on the skills rather then themselves. I am excited for the training because my fiance needs to be trained as well. He is very apprehensive about the dogs, and he passes on his nervous energy to them. They in turn begin to act really wired and hyper, so if my fiance can get rid of this nervous energy and replace it with positive energy they will work better with him. I am also excited to get some training of my own. See, I work with very hyper, out of control dogs. I train them, kind of like the Dog Whisperer. Well, these skills do not help me when it comes to puppies or "good dogs" because I am used to going right to the dominant heavy training skills. These classes will show me how to deal with normal dogs so there is a lot to learn for me, my fiance and the doxies!

Well, that is all for now. I can't wait to tell you about Doppelbock and Mackenzie's first Christmas and puppy school! Here is a parting picture to go "awwww" over!


  1. Reading about your cute little weenies brings back so many memories of bringing Amber and Max home almost 8 years ago. They displayed the same personalities. Amber was the leader and always pushed her brother around even though she was only about 1/4 of his size. She is still the smaller one but still the bossy one, although he sometimes wants the upper paw now. I just can't wait to hear more of your stories as time goes on.

    I'm going to try and do a short post on Amber's blog for Christmas and introduce your blog as a special Christmas gift to Blogville.

  2. I feel so bad because Doppelbock just takes it and doesn't fight back. Right as I am typing this she is on top of Doppelbock, biting him and he is just laying there! :)

    Thanks for letting people know about my blog! I can't wait to hear all of their stories! :)

  3. Amber sent us over to meet your two new doxies. They sound like live wires. The old vet sounds like .... dare we say idiot?

  4. Live wires? More like large firecrackers!

    The vet used to be good. When I was little he helped my dachshund mix through a terrible surgery when he was 6 months old. He was not supposed to live past a year and he lived to be 19! But ever since they expanded they stopped caring. :(

  5. Welcome to Blogville. Amber sent is us over to say hi hi. We are Mona, Weenie & the Mommy. I'm a wire hait doxie & Weenie is a smoth black and tan doxie. We was both adopted, me from DROH in 2005 adn Weenie from ATDR this year.
    Mommy adopted me when angel Samantha died in 2005 and Mommy became a volunteer with DROH. Wennie was adopted this year for ATDR, Mommy volunteers for them too. Weenie is blind.

    We signed up to be floower and wil be back to visit soon.

    Wishing you and your familty a blessed & happy Christmas from our house to yours. Hope Santa Paws was good to you!!

    Gob bless you all today & always........Mona, Weenie & the Mommy too!!

  6. So many doxies! :) Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to tell everyone about Christmas! :)

  7. oh goodness they are cute as a button! I remember when my little Peanut was a baby..Oh my how difficult it was to have him in an apartment but now that I have a house and he is over a year old I am much much happier having my little crazy doxie running around :P Enjoy yours, they are such funny dogs :):)

  8. Also, what I did as far as potty training, and I do not claim to be any kind of expert lol since he was my first pup, but since doxies are so hard to potty break I did a lot of reading (after many accidents in the apartment) on a way to train him.

    So, what I did is I tied a bell (a group of Christmas bells I found at a store) to where he could reach them. When we would go out the same door to potty I would touch his paw or nose to the bell and say "Go potty, go potty" and when he would potty outside I'd give him a little reward like a tiny piece of turkey and praise him really big. Granted, it took a while for him to catch on but eventually he began ringing the bell to tell me he had to go potty.

    Now when he would accidentally potty in the house, I would take him over to it and say "No No" and go over to the bell, touch his paw to it and say "Go potty" and then dab up some of the pee or pick up the poop with a paper towel and take him and the poop outside or the dabbed paper towel with the pee on it and place it on the grass and say to him "potty potty" so he kind of got the idea. That may sound crazy but people online swore by it, and after a little while it truly worked and he got it and I have not had any accidents in my house in months :)

  9. Hey Cute Pups! Welcome to Blogville! Any doggie named after beer is okay in our book...heehee!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  10. Oh my goshies -- you little puppies are simply adorable!!

    Woofs & hugs to you! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)