Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let the Madness Begin!

Hello, my name is Jo and I am addicted to dachshunds. I love everything about the little guys, from their stubby little legs to their dignified, regal faces. My fiance and I have been talking about getting a doxie for quite a long time, however we were unable to get one. Now that we are living in a house and our anti-dog cat has passed on (God rest his little crotchety soul) we find ourselves in the position to finally adopt the dog of our dreams!

To say initiating this process has been difficult is an understatement! We found a great breeder with a wonderful track record and beautiful miniature doxies. There is just one problem, she won't get back to us! We fell in love with a little man on her site by the name of "Ty." Ty is a long haired, red doxie who looks like he is going to be a devilish little critter. I swear, he has this devious glint in his eyes that makes all the stuffed animals in our house begin to write their wills! We contacted the breeder and she has been slow to respond to us. In this age of instant technological gratification, I want to get confirmation now! I just need the email that says "congrats, you have adopted Ty, pay with paypal and come pick him up in two weeks." Hopefully by tomorrow the email will be waiting in my inbox.

Until then, I am in doxie parent limbo. Thankfully my fiance has been more calm about this than I have been and he has convinced me that nothing will stop us from getting our little Ty. To keep my mind off of the uncertainty, I began to research everything about doxies and puppies. I found a lot of forums about doxies and the nuances of owning doxies. This has inspired me to chronicle my doxie adventures from day one... Well negative day one until we find that email in the inbox.

Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for coming along with me on my in-doxie-nation into the elite club of dachshund owners!


  1. Hi nice to meet you. It must be so hard waiting for that special email. Can you possibly find a phone number for this breeder. If they have a good track record, they should also have a way for potential weenie dog parents to contact them (who maybe don't even have a computer much less an email address). If you can't locate a phone number, (even through information 411) their track record might not be as good as you think. I wish you lots of luck with your new weenie baby and hopefully it will be the little guy you already picked out.


  2. Hi Amber! It turns out she is so far in the boonies that she has to rely on satellite. It has been raining and her internet and phone has been spotty BUT we got a call today and he is ours! :) Yay! I look forward to writing about all of our adventures! :)